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In order to transform learning, we must rethink every aspect of conventional schooling—from the physical spaces and materials we use and the way adults and children interact, to the way decisions are made. HeartSong was born out of a desire to question and “unlearn” even the most basic assumptions about how children and all human beings learn.  

This is what we believe:


  • Each child comes into this world whole and complete, with unique talents and gifts to share with their community and the world.

  • Like a seed, each child contains an internal plan for their own unique development.

  • Authentic learning unfolds from the inside out through self-discovery and exploration.

  • Children are naturally curious, creative, and playful, and possess an innate love of learning.

  • When children are provided an atmosphere of love and freedom where their autonomy and natural development is respected, learning happens naturally and joyfully.


At HeartSong, we protect and nurture the innate creative genius in each child. Children follow their interests, develop their talents, and direct their own learning in a dynamic atmosphere of creative possibility. 

Heartsong’s welcoming indoor and outdoor learning spaces and inviting materials activate the natural desire to learn. 

Children fully connect with themselves and their learning community, becoming self-motivated, self-led learners. 

By removing judgement from the learning process, we allow each child to follow their inner spark while respecting each individual’s developmental process. All of this can be accomplished without the need for grades, tests, or homework. 

We observe and document the learning process. Each child creates their own learning portfolio and engages in a thoughtful process of self-observation. HeartSong adult facilitators share their own observations with parents at the end of each quarter. The HeartSong Community comes together quarterly in a Celebration of Learning event with the entire community of families and friends where children share their projects.

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Where children joyfully cultivate the confidence, creativity, skills and resilience to prosper in a changing world.  

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