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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HeartSong a good fit for my family?

HeartSong families believe in our whole-child, emotional and holistic approach to learning and development. HeartSong parents are willing to learn conscious parenting and nonviolent communication skills. HeartSong children are creative, collaborative, critical thinkers. Together we are creating a new paradigm for learning.  HeartSong is a good fit for people who honor peace, social justice, and ecological well-being. Our learning community values diversity and welcomes families and children from many different faiths, cultures, ethnicities, and identities. 

What ages does HeartSong serve?

HeartSong serves children ages 7 to 16 in small, multi-age groups.  Space is limited, so please inquire by email  

What is your position on grades, testing, and homework?

We believe that children can learn not just content, but life skills, critical thinking, and problem solving without the need for grades, testing, and homework. We view test-taking as a skill that is valued in society. At the right time and developmental state we teach test-taking as we would any other skill. Similarly, we believe that children deserve to have time for rest, family, and activities rather than the added stress of homework.  At the high school level grades and report cards are provided by HeartSong to fulfill requirements for college applications.   

What is the HeartSong calendar and pricing?

For the most up-to-date calendar and pricing, please email

Do you have scholarships?

It is our vision for HeartSong to be inclusive and accessible to families of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Please join us in our fundraising efforts to make scholarships available as soon as possible. You can donate here.

Does HeartSong have a uniform?

At HeartSong we do not require uniforms. Children are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing of their choosing for outdoor and indoor activity. Be aware that their clothing will get dirty, stained, painted on, etc. We will have a HeartSong t-shirt for field trips and special occasions.


What if I need to move my child to another school or country?

Global Village School grade completion certificates and HeartSong academic documentation and portfolios can be presented to your new school.

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Where children joyfully cultivate the confidence, creativity, skills and resilience to prosper in a changing world.  

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