Learning Liberated


We are a project-based school where children joyfully cultivate the confidence, creativity, skills and resilience

 to prosper in a changing world.


Children trust their inner wisdom, feel and express the full-spectrum of human emotion, and are supported in staying true to who they really are. 

Emotional Well-being

Children master content and skills by designing and implementing hands-on projects from start to finish in an English-immersion environment. 

Project-based Learning


Children solve real life problems through circle council, create living agreements, and practice Non-Violent Communication.

Conflict Resolution

Personalized  Play-based 


Children lead their learning in small group settings with the support of caring adult facilitators. They express their creativity through play, games, and experiences that value collaboration over competition.  

Engaging Learning Environments

Children enjoy freedom of movement between indoor and outdoor spaces, connect with nature and are surrounded by inviting materials that engage their curiosity.

Life Skills

Children develop real life abilities through social justice and environmental service projects and a variety of workshops such as cooking, mindfulness, yoga, organic gardening, carpentry, art, weaving, and more.


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Heredia, Costa Rica

info@heartsongcr.org  |  Tel: 001-506-8729-2908

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Where children joyfully cultivate the confidence, creativity, skills and resilience to prosper in a changing world.  

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Heredia, Costa Rica

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